Our Students

When Corlears students wake up in the morning, they are eager to get to school and begin another day where their voices are heard, their questions are encouraged, and their creativity is nurtured. Classrooms at Corlears are safe spaces created by caring and dynamic teachers who see each child as an individual. 

Students build community for themselves and learn from each other in multi-age classrooms through collaborative work, creative problem solving and project based learning. Every Friday they come together at assembly to celebrate and share their hard work.

Our community is built on compassion, care, and respect. Our students are a diverse group and we celebrate the differences in our community. Through active modeling of peers and adults, our students come to understand that successful learners value multiple perspectives and are inclusive in everything that they do.

The partnership between our oldest and youngest students embodies our strong community spirit. Check out our 10 & 2 video to see what we mean!