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Nursery, Preschool & Elementary School Programs

Located in Chelsea NYC 


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Get to Know Corlears School

A private NYC neighborhood school for the entire city.

Offering a solid academic foundation and a vibrant, inclusive community, for curious young minds ages 2 to 10.

Founded in 1968, Corlears School is dedicated to the education of children from nursery school through 5th grade, right in the heart of downtown New York City. Our project based approach and caring community provides children with the foundation they need to flexibly solve complex problems, and grow into high achieving, thoughtful and compassionate emerging leaders.

Positive energy is everywhere at Corlears School. in the bustling hallways. throughout every light-filled classroom. in our teachers’ smiles. And on every child’s face. Because of it, our students believe they can do anything. And so do we!

Corlears kids are kind, compassionate and curious. they ask questions, try new things, and grasp new concepts... fueled by a strong desire to know. Corlears kids never shy from an academic challenge or a chance to speak up. They’re motivated by high academic aspirations and driven to make the world a better place—starting in our own neighborhood.

The active community is hard to miss at Corlears. A certain optimistic exuberance shines in everything we do. And yes, it’s contagious. Blame it on our teachers. They create an environment so welcoming—so filled with promise and wonder—that even our youngest students believe they can change the world.

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The 2019-2020 application is now available!

Application deadline is December 3rd.