Fun and Philanthropy at The Auction 2017


The annual Corlears Auction is a night of celebration. With tickets purchased and babysitters booked, this evening serves as unique opportunity for all to come together in support of our community - in major style. The perfect combination of fun and philanthropy, the Auction serves as an elegant forum for sharing pride in the inspiring school environment that all have worked so hard to create, while continuing to foster that same spirit for generations to come.

The Auction is a highly anticipated social event for everyone at Corlears. Our school prides itself on its tight knight community, but this particular evening takes it to a new level.  On Auction night, parents are able to interact with one another in a different way. Moving offsite, families have the chance to connect with one another not just as parents, but as friends. Beyond these meaningful interactions, the event in and of itself is a true display of the collaborative spirit that Corlears fosters. The hard work of community members comes to fruition once the doors open and the festivities begin.

A true labor of love, the Auction is organized by the Auction Committee, and the entire evening is a direct reflection of the dedication of these parents. Every element, from the Save the Date to the live auction lots, is coordinated and collected by current Corlears parents. As the Auction nears, early mornings mean raffle ticket sales in the lobby during drop-off, and with every week comes another committee meeting where plans are laid and details are fine tuned.  In addition to the items collected by the committee, some of the most coveted auction lots are made right on site with the help of students and parents. Each year, Corlears students work together to create unforgettable art pieces which prove to be both beautiful and thoughtful. Each item is a display of the work students do in the classrooms and a glimpse into their personalities. From the 2s to the 10s, all students have the opportunity to make their mark on a very special work of art. Staff and faculty also get in the spirit by coming up with their own creative auction items in the form of "staff experiences." These experiences are an opportunity for students to connect with familiar faces in an unfamiliar and exciting way. This year, a few lucky winners might have the chance to bowl with their favorite teacher, or catch a baseball game with staff members. Staff participation, and the excitement that builds around these experiences is a display of the team spirit that exists at Corlears and the deep connection faculty and staff have to the larger community.

While the Auction is a wonderful social event, it serves a much deeper purpose. On this special evening, community members come together to raise funds to enhance the elements of a Corlears education for their own children and others. Every bid placed and every paddle raised supports the tools and pedagogy for teaching compassion at all age levels – a core value of a Corlears education. The support of the community on Auction night also helps build the school’s financial aid program; making it possible for more children to experience what it means to have Corlears as their educational foundation.  Further, funds raised on this night will help support the dedicated teachers that make Corlears the school it is. The generosity of our parents provides opportunities for teachers to take part in professional development programs that will foster their growth and deeply impact their classrooms.

The Auction’s theme of “Living the Mission” echoes that of the Corlears community spirit. Each day, parents, students and staff contribute to the energy and warmth that makes Corlears the unique and supportive learning environment it is. The Auction is a night to celebrate these contributions and to look ahead to the bright future of the school.

Corlears School