Kindergarten at Corlears

The Ks


Making Connections & Building Skills

Kindergartners are bubbling with new thoughts and ideas. Our Ks curriculum integrates social studies, science, math, art, and technology, fostering a growing understanding of how everything in our world is interconnected.

Private Kinder in NYC

As kids settle down to work, they apply the reading, writing, and math skills they began developing in their preschool years. Small group instruction, along with phonics and movement, bring reading and writing to life. using iPads as tools, Kindergartners love mastering math and literacy skills. in the fall neighborhood Study, Ks explore NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood on several walking trips, learning first- hand about maps and new york’s grid system. In our art studio, kids are free to express their newfound ideas in creative ways. Each year students study neighborhood jobs. When studying the job of an artist, the Ks created their own works of art, wrote an artist bio, and created a real classroom art gallery!

Children spend time in the science lab and focus on science topics related to their social studies explorations. New observation and critical thinking skills are cultivated. The art studio is where our Kindergarteners express their ideas in numerous ways through paint, clay, and recycled materials.

Morning Meeting and routines provide multiple opportunities for whole group discussion and mini-lessons that take the Kinders into the work of the day.


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