Frequently Asked Questions

How many students attend Corlears?

  • There are 152 students enrolled for the 2018-19 school year.

  • Average class size is 14 students.

  • Teacher to student ratio:

    • 2s — 3 teachers per classroom

    • 3/4s - 8/9s — 2 teachers per classroom

    • 10s — 1 teacher

What is the size of the Corlears faculty?  

Full-time faculty — 29
Part-time faculty — 4

  • Head Teachers hold a Masters Degree

  • Assistant Teachers hold or are studying for Masters Degree

Tell me about the Corlears facility.

  • Fall 2011 marked the completion of the first phase of Corlears’ expansion and renovation project. As a result, all of Corlears new features are compliant with environmentally sound principles and the American Disabilities Act.

  • There are 11 light-filled and spacious classrooms. A piazza exists on each of the classroom floors which is intended for informal gathering, student drop-off and pick-up.

  • Our library has 7,500 volumes.

  • There is a 720 square foot art studio.

  • Self-contained science lab.

  • A 1,720 square foot gym.

  • A music room.

  • Enclosed yard for recreation and play.

Tell me about the Corlears curriculum.

Corlears curriculum is interdisciplinary, active, collaborative learning within multi-age classrooms, focusing on the whole child. Learn more by visiting our curriculum page. 


Corlears is accredited by NYSAIS, and a member of NAIS and ISAAGNY.


What are Corlears Arrival and Dismissal Times?

  • 2s — 8:30-11:45

  • 3s — 8:30-12:15

  • 4s - 10s — 8:30am-3:15pm

Are there extended hours?

Corlears offers three different extended day options for families for a small fee:

  • Early Birds — Students arrive as early as 8:00am and are supervised and accompanied to their respective classrooms at 8:30am. A small fee is charged for Early Birds.

  • Corlears Plus — Is our after school childcare program. Childcare is available after school from 3:15-6:00pm. There is a daily charge.

  • Specialty classes — Fun and interesting after school courses, such as chess, computer skills, and movement are offered during three sessions a year. This fall Corlears is adding several new additions to the lineup including a Hip Hop dance and songwriting. They are an hour or more in length after school hours. For additional information about course schedule and fees, please contact our school office, 212.741.2800. Read more about fall offerings on our Extended Day page. Spring offerings will be posted as soon as they become available.

Do families have to pack lunch for their children?

Students in our K-5th grade program are provided lunch by Butterbeans, our food service provider.

When does the 2018-19 school year begin?

Start Dates:

  • Warm-up Day! Tuesday, September 4th, 2-4pm — All students welcome to come and have a sneak peek at their classrooms

  • Ks - 10s — Wednesday, September 5th

  • 3/4s — Wednesday, September 12th

  • 3s Extended Day Begins — Monday, September 17th

  • 2s Begin with Adjustment Schedule — Monday, September 17th

  • 2s Full Schedule — Wednesday, October 3rd

Can you please explain financial aid at Corlears?

Corlears is committed to a diverse enrollment which includes families with a variety of cultural, racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. Financial aid is given to families of students who are four or older on the basis of need and available funds. If a family is interested in applying for financial aid, the forms should be submitted with the admissions application.

How much financial aid has Corlears budgeted for 2018-19?

  • Student recipients — 48

  • Total amount distributed — $1,525,000

  • Percentage of tuition income — 33 percent

What is Corlears’ immunization policy?

To protect our community from infectious diseases, Corlears adheres to all federal, state and local guidelines and regulations. In accordance with Section 2164 of the New York State Public Health Law and the regulations of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the City and State require students aged 2 months to 18 years to get vaccines at specific grade levels. These requirements are based on federal recommendations, and include New York City’s requirement of an influenza vaccine. All students at Corlears must be in compliance with these immunization requirements.

Making sure that your child is healthy and vaccinated protects their health, as well as other students' health. In a school with so many very young children, it is especially critical for us to adhere to these regulations. For these reasons, Corlears will also comply with and enforce any additional regulations set forth by federal, state and local officials in response to outbreaks of infectious disease that impact our community.