Corlears is committed to creating an environment and shaping a curriculum that embrace difference.


Corlears is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to view the world from multiple perspectives. We believe that awareness, empathy, and personal dignity can be expressly cultivated through the exploration of the languages we speak, the beliefs and traditions we observe, the colors of our skin, our age, gender, sexual orientation, the configuration of our families and our socio-economic differences. Through active listening and questioning, we develop critical thinkers who are compassionate and informed.

The journey toward discovering joy and pride in our unique identities is cultivated in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Our understanding is that a truly progressive education, based on democratic principles, helps students to recognize social injustice and empowers them to take action toward social equity.

In our classrooms we encourage a diversity of thinking and urge students to develop creative solutions to the intellectual, social, and emotional challenges they encounter. Taking the time to consider the perspectives of others is a life skill that we teach daily and hope that our students will use at Corlears and continue to exercise throughout their lives.

In furtherance of these goals, Corlears is committed to:

  • Engaging in an ongoing examination of our curriculum to ensure that it represents and explores, in an age-appropriate manner, issues of diversity and justice in our society;

  • Ensuring a diverse community by, among other things, conducting outreach, maintaining a strong parent “buddy” program, maintaining a healthy financial aid program, and working to recruit, support and retain students, families, staff and Board members with diverse backgrounds and perspectives;

  • Having a standing Diversity Committee of the Board of Trustees charged with oversight of school policies and practices to help advance our diversity mission and ensure that our diversity goals are being met;

  • Conducting staff development and fostering collaboration to best serve the needs of our student population; maintaining a community forum as a safe space to examine the dynamics of raising children in a multi-cultural world; and

  • Providing ongoing programming at various times throughout the year in order to facilitate discussions between experts and the school community concerning all matters of diversity both at Corlears and in society-at-large.

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