NYC Afterschool Program in Chelsea

Register for Corlears Plus

This year, we're excited to be partnering with Sawyer, an afterschool program registration system that allows you to book and manage your child(ren)'s Corlears Plus activities all in one platform!

If you already have an account from registering in the fall, just click “Log in” in the registration box below, and use that same email account and password to login (click “Forgot Your Password?” to receive a link to reset your password).

It's easy to set up your account for the first time. Upon registering your child(ren), you'll be prompted to enter your email, a password, your child(ren)'s name(s) and date of birth(s), as well as your credit card information (note that you WILL need a credit card to register for Corlears Plus, and will be prompted to pay at the time of registration). Once your account is set up, all information will be saved for future registrations, and it becomes an easy three-click process! 

Here are a few other helpful tips for registering:

  • To see what options are available on a specific day of the week, just click on that day as listed across the top of the registration window below. You'll see the days listed next to "All" (for options available on all days) as "Mon," "Tue," "Wed," etc.

  • If you're utilizing a financial aid discount code, you can enter the code when you access your cart, prior to check out. Enter your code in the box marked "Promo code" and hit "APPLY." Note: wait until you have completed selecting ALL of your Corlears Plus classes for your child before entering your discount code, to ensure the code applies to all applicable classes. If you have any questions about your discount code or aid percentage, please reach out to Thea Hubert at

  • Don't forget about our two Plus Package discounts! If you sign up for two specialty classes, you'll receive a 5% rebate off on any additional specialty classes or choice time days. If you sign up for three days of choice time, you'll receive a 5% rebate off of any additional specialty classes or choice time days. Note: this discount will NOT be calculated at check out. You will be refunded the value of your rebate, via your credit card, within two business days.

Want to talk more about Plus? Email Alex, Director of Auxiliary Programs and Community Engagement, at