After school child care in NYC

Welcome to Corlears Plus, our after school program!

At Corlears, our biggest priority is ensuring that the values that uphold our community serve to guide us throughout each school day -- and beyond. With Corlears Plus, we aim to give all of our students an opportunity to choose afternoon programming that is age-appropriate, engaging, and, of course, fun! Corlears Plus serves as a true extension of the Corlears community, after school.

New and Expanded Activities | Spring 2019 (beginning on Monday, February 4)

Corlears Plus provides families and students with three activity options throughout the week: specialty classes, private music lessons, and choice time.

  • Specialty classes encompass once-a-week courses that families specifically register for beforehand, and take place throughout a semester. We’ll have five Corlears teachers teaching specialty classes this semester!

    • Creative Music and Movement with Anne, on Mondays for Grades PreK3 (in Extended Day) through K

      • Let your creativity come bursting through in this music and movement class! Using stories as inspiration, children will sing and dance all afternoon, acting out characters and participating in movement activities. They'll even get to use dance scarves and percussion instruments to inspire their creativity; it will be a blast!

    • Active Warriors, on Mondays for Grades 1-5

      • Join our partners at Active Arts NYC for a class that combines yoga, agility, and fencing all in one! Geared towards those who love everything ninja, Jedi, or knight-related, our Warriors will learn to center themselves through meditation, build strength and endurance through obstacle courses, and begin learning proper defense skills with their very own (foam) sword! This class is great for new and returning friends, as we will explore new games, continue to hone our defensive skills, and learn more ways to be stealthy Warriors!

    • Manga Drawing with Sandra, on Mondays for Grades 2 through 5

      • Manga (“mon-gah”) has a long and rich history in Japanese culture, and serves as an important medium for stories. In this class, taught by former art student-teacher (and Corlears alumna!) Sandra, we will be exploring this rich genre, learning about story-telling, and creating our own characters. We will be crafting our own sketchbooks, in which to keep our stories, and learning how to draw the human figure. This Manga after school class will be a great fit for your fantasy-driven, art-loving, story-telling child!

    • Swim, on Tuesdays for Grades K through 5

      • We’re so excited to introduce our first Corlears Plus swim class! Each Tuesday, Corlears teachers will bring our Plus swimmers to the nearby McBurney YMCA for swim lessons, taught by the Y’s Red Cross-certified swim instructors. Students will be sorted into groups based on their swimming ability and experience, so this class is open to all students in grades Kindergarten through 5, from first-time swimmers to Olympians-in-training. Swimmers will go over strokes, gain comfort in the water, and have plenty of time for aquatic play. At the conclusion of the lesson, students will be brought back to Corlears, ready to be picked up at 5:00pm (or stay at Plus until 6:00pm).

        Note: The cost of Swim is $900 for the semester (with financial aid available). Students must bring along their own towel, flip-flops/water shoes, goggles (if needed) and a bathing suit to change into at the Y, in a bag that the child is able to carry themselves.

    • Makerspace with Zach, on Wednesday for Grades 2 through 5

      • Program, tinker, and build with all sorts of amazing technology in our Corlears Plus Makerspace! We’ll first learn how to program a BBC Micro Bit. Micro Bits are small, battery-powered computers that can be programed to send messages to each other, create tiny lights shows, remotely control larger computers, turn motors, and much more. We’ll also be exploring with Lego Robotics, and experimenting with controlling the robots using our Micro Bits. Finally, we’ll make some fun Nintendo Labo projects, which combine cardboard kits with Nintendo Switches to build amazing creations!

        Note: it’s suggested that second graders enrolling in this class have previously taken Zach’s Scratch Jr. class at Corlears Plus.

    • Rook-ie Chess, on Wednesdays for Grades PreK4-1

      • We welcome all students who are just starting out in chess to take their first steps towards becoming a Grandmaster! In this class, teachers from NY Chess Kids will cover the basic rules of chess: piece movements, checks/checkmates, "special rules," and piece values. Each student will strive to play one complete game of chess each week against a classmate! This class is perfect for returning friends who participated in chess last semester, as well as friends new to the game.

    • Checkmate Chess, on Wednesdays for Grades 2-5

      • This class will serve as a bridge from the basic rules of the game to more interesting tasks such as piece development, castling, and the importance of space on the board. Students will also learn to play for the central squares, to win specific pieces from their opponents, and to finish off a game utilizing certain checkmate patterns. Teachers from NY Chess Kids will lead the class with hands-on practice games and puzzle workshops. We also hope to introduce tournament play to interested students! This class is perfect for returning students who participated in chess last semester, as well as students taking chess for the first time.

    • SocRoc: Soccer Classes for Kids, on Thursdays for Grades PreK4-1

      • This class is designed to give students a positive first impression of soccer and exercise in a noncompetitive environment. Emphasis is placed on building teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as ball control, passing, and goal-scoring. All of the basic soccer skills will be taught with high energy, story lines, and fun! Perfect for soccer stars who took the class last semester, as well as new friends. The class is taught by experienced coaches from SocRoc. SocRoc was developed by former professional soccer player and certified strength and conditioning specialist James Christie.

    • Stage Stars: Matilda, on Thursdays for Grade 1-5

      • The Stage Theater School is thrilled to once again offer our popular “Stage Stars” classes to our Corlears students this spring. The Stage Stars students will be working on the classic musical “Matilda”, which they will perform for family and friends at the end of the semester in June. Based on Roald Dahl’s classic book, “Matilda” is the story of an extraordinary girl who, armed with a vivid imagination and a sharp mind, dares to take a stand against the tyrannical adults in her life and change her own destiny. At our weekly classes, students will rehearse their dramatic scenes, as well as practice singing and dance numbers. Our classes are taught by professional performers from the Broadway stage who are hand picked for their dramatic talent and love for working with children. Our aim is to help build confidence, self-esteem and creativity, while also providing top quality theater training in a fun weekly class. We hope you will join us for “Matilda” this spring!

    • Ceramics with Becky, on Fridays for Grades 1-5

      • Students will learn basic methods for working with clay slabs and coils, and use these methods to build a variety of functional objects. Self-expression will be encouraged and nurtured through students adding their own imaginative clay details, carved designs, and colorful glazes. Through learning about the structure of clay, its affordances and limitations, students will have a deeper understanding and appreciation for it, and have fun in the process! Students will also have a chance to try working on the pottery wheel we have in the studio. The class is perfect for returning students, as well as those who will be new to ceramics this semester.

  • With choice time, students who are registered for a standard day of Plus programming will have the option of choosing from several different activities. Students in grades 2-5 can elect to work on a STEAM project, such as catapult-building, slime-making, or making and writing in invisible ink; or play sports in the gym, with games like capture-the-flag, basketball, or relay races. Younger students in grades PreK4-1 will have dedicated access to the yard, allowing them the space for age-appropriate free play with their peers.

  • Private music lessons will be offered for piano, drums, and guitar. Piano lessons will be taught by Keyla Orozco (also known as our beloved music teacher César’s sister!), while drum and guitar lessons will be taught by Fernando Valladares. Classes are offered at the following times, for all experience levels (please note: for lessons beginning at 3:15/2:45 on Thursdays, children will be given snack by the music teacher):

    • Piano: Mondays from 3:15-3:45, 3:45-4:15, 4:15-4:45, 4:45-5:15; Fridays from 3:15-3:45, 3:45-4:15, 4:15-4:45, 4:45-5:15

    • Drums: Tuesdays from 4:15-4:45, 4:45-5:15; Thursdays from 2:45-3:15, 3:15-3:45, 3:45-4:15

    • Guitar: Tuesdays from 3:15-3:45, 3:45-4:15; Thursdays from 4:15-4:45, 4:45-5:15

Dates for 2019 Spring Plus Programming

Our new semester of Spring choice time will begin on Monday, February 4, and run through Thursday, June 13 (the day before graduation).

Spring specialty classes and music lessons will begin and conclude on the following days:

  • Monday: February 4 — June 10

  • Tuesday: February 5 — June 4

  • Wednesday: February 6 — May 29

  • Thursday: February 7 — June 6

  • Friday: February 8 — June 7 (Note: Friday classes will have a make-up class on Wednesday, June 5)

Fall 2018/19 specialty classes and music lessons will conclude on the following days:

  • Monday: January 28

  • Tuesday: January 15

  • Wednesday: January 23

  • Thursday: Stage Stars concludes on January 24; Soccer concludes on January 31

  • Friday: February 1

*For both the Fall and Spring semesters of Plus, any family that registers for a specialty class will be able to send their child to Corlears Plus for choice time on that specific day, before the class has begun or after the class has concluded for the semester, at no additional charge.

Daily Schedule

All children at Corlears Plus -- both those enrolled in specialty classes and choice time -- will gather together at the start of each afternoon. This will allow the whole Plus community to come together, and for friends of different ages to interact and bond -- one of the best parts of the afternoon community at Corlears. 

  • From 3:15 to 3:45, children will enjoy snack together. Children grades PreK4 through 1 will eat together in one classroom, while children grades 2 through 5 will gather in another classroom.

  • From 3:45 to 4:45, children go to either that specialty class, or participate in choice time. At choice time, children in grades PreK4 through 1 will enjoy active play in the yard, while children in grades 2 through 5 will have a choice between a STEAM project or sports in the gym.

  • From 4:45 to 6:00, children in grades PreK4 and Kindergarten will return to a classroom for games and art projects. Children in grades 1 through 5 will go to an adjacent Plus classroom to complete their homework (upon completing their homework, older students will be allowed to join their younger friends for games).

On Thursday afternoons, because of 2:45 dismissal, snack will take place from 2:45 to 3:15, choice time and specialty classes from 3:15 to 4:15, and homework/games from 4:15 to 6:00.

Corlears Plus Pricing

  • One day of choice time: $650

  • One specialty class: $810 early-bird rate, available until Friday, January 11! ($825 after January 11) Note: The cost of our Tuesday Swim class is $900.

  • One private music lesson: $900

We've also got two Plus Package discounts available!

  • Sign up for two specialty classes, and get any additional specialty class OR day of choice time 5% off!

  • Sign up for three days of choice time, and get any additional days of choice time OR specialty classes at 5% off!

    • Once you sign up for two specialty classes or three days of choice time, each additional day of choice time drops to $617.50, and each additional specialty class drops to $769.50.

*For families receiving financial aid, the price of Corlears Plus programming (all choice time and specialty classes) will be discounted at the same rate of a family’s tuition. Simply enter your child’s discount code when registering. Families eligible for Plus Package discounts will also receive those discounts, in addition to their financial aid discount. Please note that private music lessons are not eligible for financial aid discounts. If you have any questions about pricing for private music lessons, please contact Alex directly.

Convenient Scheduling

  • Advanced Registration

    • Registration for the Spring 2019 semester at Corlears Plus will open on Wednesday, December 19. You'll be able to register here on our Corlears Plus webpage, using our easy-to-use registration system.

  • Unplanned Changes - We understand that schedules change. There will always be a spot for your 4-10 year-old child at Corlears Plus.

    • Switching Days

      • If you would like to switch your child’s pre-registered choice time days for a specific week, please email Alex at by 9:00am on Monday of that week. There is no charge for switching pre-registered days.

    • Additional Drop-Off

      • If you need to send your child to Plus on a day that they are not registered, please email Alex at by 12:00pm on that day. He will be sure to notify your child’s classroom teachers, as well as our Plus teachers who will be able to better plan for the day’s activities. Families will be charged $40 for an additional drop-off day at Corlears Plus, and charged that via credit card using our Corlears Plus registration system (financial aid discounts apply for any additional drop-off days).

Please note: refunds will not be offered for any days of Plus programming that a child misses.

Still have questions about Corlears Plus? Check out these FAQs:

How does payment work?

With Sawyer, our new registration system, families can pay via credit card at checkout, similarly to any other online purchase.

Why do I have to sign up in advance for choice time, in addition to specialty classes?

Signing up for choice time beforehand will give our choice time instructors an opportunity to more deliberately plan lessons and craft activities for your children.

What if I am a few minutes late to pick up my child?

There is a 15-minute grace period following dismissal before parents are charged for a day of Corlears Plus — meaning on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, parents will not be charged for Corlears Plus if arriving to pick up their children before 3:30; on Thursdays, parents will not be charged if they pick up their children before 3:00.

After this 15-minute grace period, if a child is still at Corlears Plus, parents will be charged the full fee of $40 for a day of Corlears Plus.

What if I arrive after 6:00pm to pick up my child?

Parents are expected to make every effort to pick up their child before 6:00pm. If you think that you will be late to pick up your child, please call the school and inform our receptionist. After three instances of late pick up, parents will be required to attend a daytime meeting with the Head of School and Director of Auxiliary Programs, during which a plan for avoiding future lateness must be presented. Any subsequent late pick ups may result in the family losing access to Corlears Plus. (This policy is also outlined in our family handbook)

Want to talk more about Plus? Email Alex, Director of Auxiliary Programs and Community Engagement, at