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Thank you for your interest in Corlears, a school dedicated to the education of children, ages 2 through 5th grade in the Chelsea section of New York City. Students at Corlears are intellectually curious, creative, and have the potential for great academic achievement, peer leadership, and emotional and social growth.

We invite you to visit us and see our classrooms in action, and learn how our focus on the foundational years allows our students to thrive and ultimate become compassionate emerging leaders of their communities. 

Application Process

As you learn more about Corlears, we invite you to:

Submit an application by going to Ravenna

Open House

The Open House provides an opportunity for you to meet faculty, currents parents, Administrators, and the Head of School. At this event, you will be given a teacher led to tour to a variety of classrooms throughout the building, and will listen to teacher’s present certain aspects of their curriculum and school culture. RSVP is required for this event.

Our Open House will take place on October 13th from 10am-12pm.


Group day tours take place from October through December. These are parent led, and provide you with an opportunity to see the classrooms in action. Click here to book a time through Ravenna.

Child Visits and Parent Interviews

  • Children applying to the 2s and 3s program join their parents for their interview.

  • Children applying to the 4s (Pre-K) program will attend a 45-minute playgroup.

  • Children applying to Kindergarten will attend a two-hour playgroup.

  • Children applying to grades 1 through 5 will visit with in Corlears classroom during the school day.

Applicants to the 2s through kindergarten can sign up for these visits after an application is submitted through Ravenna. All other applicants will be contacted by Meredith Orloff, Admission Associate to set up a classroom visit.

Please contact Meredith with any questions regarding the application process. 

Our birth date cut-off is September 1 st for the age group/grade you are applying to.

If you would like more information about Corlears, please fill out the form below. You will recieve exclusive content to help you get started in the admission process. 

Have questions? Schedule a call with an Admissions Associate.

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