July 15, 2016


Dear Parents,

Hopefully, you are enjoying this summer and some quality time with family and friends.

Corlears has been buzzing these past weeks with camp running and the administrative team laying the groundwork for the coming year. It has been a productive and rewarding time for all of us. We have a few big things in the works this year, that will leverage the Corlears focus on the early years of education, our expert teachers and our amazing educational program.

Here are the highlights of our planning:

The Spanish Program: in hiring our new music teacher, César Orozco, we have exponentially increased the amount of time our students will spend immersed in Spanish. César will begin teaching the 3/4s music in Spanish after the first six weeks of school, providing for a gradual transition leading up to it. This has allowed us to allocate more of Lindsay’s time to the upper grades Spanish classes, increasing the Spanish time for the 8/9s and 10s significantly. As you know, the Kindergarten and 6/7s already have a good amount of Spanish time. We are all looking forward to introducing these additions in a thoughtful and effective way.

The Music Program: in addition to the 3/4s learning music in Spanish, this year the 10s will all play the violin! We are introducing a strings instrumental program that will begin with the 10s this year, and potentially expand to the 8/9s in subsequent years. All the 10s will be provided with a violin and will have two violin instruction classes per cycle. We are so excited to see what they can do!

The Social Justice Program: for the past year, in connection to the long time value of compassion at Corlears, the faculty and staff have been engaging in an important dialogue about how to increase the level of discourse around issues of diversity, identity and social justice. This coming year, we will examine some big questions connected to these topics. The majority of this new work will be support for the key adults in the community: Faculty, Staff, Board of Trustees and Parents. With this understanding in hand, new programs for the children will be developed for coming years.

Ongoing work in Math education: we are quickly distinguishing our math program with the time and attention we are giving to all levels of early childhood and elementary mathematics education. Our teachers have honed their expertise in this area through the professional development that we have organized both onsite and offsite for the past three years. In addition to individual expertise, this work is also shaping the curriculum scope and sequence in great ways.

The New Lunch Program: our new warming kitchen is well underway and Butter Beans is hiring the Corlears kitchen staff as we prepare for the first lunch service at Corlears since the founding years in the early ‘70s.

The Alumni Program: speaking of the founding years, we welcome Mallory King, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, who will be picking up the newly launched alumni program, and guiding us towards our 50th anniversary celebration in 2018.

So, there is lots going on, and all very exciting! Of course, we will be taking a short break to recharge beginning August 1st, but will be back again August 22nd. We can’t wait to welcome you back in September.

Until then, enjoy your summer and see you soon!

Best regards,



David Egolf
Head of School
Corlears School

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