Welcome to Corlears Plus, Corlears’ brand new after school program.

At Corlears, our biggest priority is ensuring that the values that uphold our community serve to guide us throughout each school day -- and beyond. In announcing Corlears Plus, we aim to give all of our students an opportunity to choose afternoon programming that is age-appropriate, engaging, and, of course, fun! Corlears Plus will serve as a true extension of the Corlears community, after school.

New and Expanded Activities | Spring 2018

Corlears Plus provides families and students with three activity options throughout the week: specialty classes, private music lessons, and choice time.

  • Specialty classes encompass once-a-week courses that families specifically register for beforehand, and take place throughout a semester. We’ll have four Corlears teachers teaching specialty classes this semester!

    • Green Peas with Benna, on Mondays for Grade PreK4
      • Have you ever wondered about composting? Do you want to learn how to grow your own food? Come join Green Peas to learn different ways we can take care of our earth! From creating our own mini worm bins and making new paper out of paper scraps to building small planters and learning about different kinds of energy, we will explore a lot of sustainability concepts and have a ton of fun while we learn about our amazing planet!

    • Lego Robotics and Scratch with Zach, on Mondays for Grades 3-5
      • Did you know you can build games and program robots using the same programming language?  You can with Scratch!  You'll use Lego motors and sensors to build alligators that chomp, lions that stand-up and roar, and giants that are lifted up by cranes!  You'll also design games which can be controlled using controllers that you build with Legos and something called a "Makey Makey."

    • Book Club with Kelly, on Tuesdays for Grades 3-5
      • Do you love to read and talk about your favorite books? In this afterschool book club, students in the 8s-10s will read the same specially chosen book together and discuss all about the characters, themes, plot twists, and more! This club will foster and extend a love of reading and ability to think deeply and communicate compellingly about top-notch children’s literature--all in a fun, relaxed, and sociable setting. Pillows and cozy nook provided!

    • Scratch Jr. with Zach, on Tuesdays for Grades K-2
      • In this class, young students will use the Scratch Jr. iPad app to create small stories. Their stories will include moving characters, text, and recorded audio! They'll create these stories by writing "scripts," which are strings of colorful blocks that direct the movement and appearance of characters on the "stage." In creating these stories, young students will be improving their ability to think in logical, detail-oriented ways. Some of the blocks they'll use include: hide/show, rotate, "talk", loop, shrink/grow, background switch, and more! [Note: this class will have the same curriculum as our fall Scratch Jr. class]

    • Rook-ie Chess, on Wednesdays for Grades K-1
      • We welcome all students who are just starting out in chess to join Coach Alicia for the first step to Grandmaster! In this class, the basic rules of chess will be covered (piece movements, checks/checkmates, 'special rules', piece values, and so on) and each student will strive to play one complete game of chess each week against a classmate!

    • Checkmate Chess, on Wednesdays for Grades 2-5
      • Intermediate Chess will serve as a bridge from the basic rules of the game to more interesting tasks such as piece development, castling, and the importance of space on the board. Students will also learn to play for the central squares, to win "material" from their opponents, and to finish off a game utilizing certain "checkmate patterns". Coach Tony leads the class with hands-on practice games and puzzle workshops. Students from the Fall will continue to hone these skills and start to look at 2-3 move combinations.

    • Stage Stars Theater, on Thursdays for Grades 1-5
      • The perfect class for the young performer who is looking for a fun filled class to let their talents shine. We take current pop hits from our students favorite singers and develop an original musical. Students will develop their own original show in the 14 week session and receive lessons in dance, drama and singing. It is a great way for older children to develop their musical theater talents while supporting their confidence, self esteem and creativity. Skills explored during this class will be script writing, vocal harmonies, hip hop and modern dance, and improvisation. The session culminates in a final performance on stage in full costume for family and friends. The class will be taught by professional performers with Broadway or national touring experience.

    • SocRoc: Soccer Classes for Kids, on Thursdays for Grades PreK4-2
      • This class is designed to give students a positive first impression of soccer and exercise in a noncompetitive environment. Emphasis is placed on building teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as ball control, passing, and goal-scoring. All of the basic soccer skills will be taught with high energy, story lines, and fun! SocRoc was developed by former professional soccer player and certified strength and conditioning specialist James Christie.

    • Recycled Art with Becky, on Fridays for Grades 2-5
      • Do you care about the earth and enjoy creating art from recycled materials and scraps? We will have lots of fun creating art and learning about artists who work with materials that usually might be recycled or thrown away. We will build animals out of cardboard and paint them. We will create posters for earth day to post around Corlears about the environment. We will design a bottle cap mosaic and more!

    • Mini-Musicals, on Fridays for Grades PreK4-K
      • Join us as we go “Into the Woods” to reverse the curse of an enchantress, and connect the dots of our fairy tales through song and dance. Singing songs as Cinderella, Jack, and Little Red, we’ll work together to climb beanstalks, wear glass slippers to a ball, and adventure to grandmother’s house!

  • With choice time, students who are registered for a standard day of Plus programming will have the option of choosing from several different activities: students in grades 2-5 can elect to work on STEM-related projects and challenges in our afterschool Community Room, or join the Corlears Sports Club in the gym for an intramural game led by our after school sports instructor. Younger students in grades PreK4-1 will have dedicated access to the yard, allowing them the space for age-appropriate free play with their peers.

  • Private music lessons will be offered for piano, violin, drums, and guitar, and taught by experienced outside musicians. Families can sign up for 30-minute lessons for beginners, or 45-minute lessons for more experienced musicians. Lessons are offered on days throughout the week, and will be scheduled in conjunction with the instructor/Plus administrator after families sign up.

Dates for Spring 2018 Plus Programming

Fall choice time will conclude on Friday, February 2, with Spring choice time beginning on Monday, February 5. Please note that any family not registered for Spring choice time whose child attends Plus on or after February 5 will be charged the drop-off fee of $50. Choice time will run until Thursday, June 7, the second to last day of the school year.

Spring specialty classes will also begin on Monday, February 5th, and will conclude on Friday, June 1st.

Fall specialty classes will conclude on the following dates:

  • Monday classes: January 22
  • Tuesday classes: January 16
  • Wednesday classes: January 17
  • Thursday classes: January 25
  • Friday classes: February 2 (Note: Ceramics will have a make-up class on Monday, January 22; Mini-Musicals will have a make-up class on Thursday, February 1)

*Families needing Plus care for their children after the conclusion of their fall specialty class, but before the new semester of choice time begins on February 5, will be charged the drop-in rate of $40 for any Plus days attended.

Daily Schedule

One significant change from prior Corlears afterschool programming is that all children -- both those enrolled in specialty classes and choice time -- will gather together at the start of each afternoon. This will allow the whole Plus community to come together, and for friends of different ages to interact and bond -- one of the best parts of the afternoon community at Corlears. 

  • From 3:15 to 3:45, children will enjoy snack together. Children grades PreK4 through 1 will eat together in one space, while children grades 2 through 5 will gather in another classroom.
  • From 3:45 to 4:45, children grades PreK4 through 1 will enjoy active play in the yard. Children grades 2 through 5 will head to either specialty classes or a choice time activity of their choosing.
  • From 4:45 to 6:00, children in grades PreK4 and Kindergarten will return to a classroom for quiet games. Children grades 1 through 5 will go to the community room to complete their homework (upon completing their homework, older students will be allowed to join their younger friends for games).

On Thursday afternoons, because of 2:45 dismissal, snack will take place from 2:45 to 3:15, choice time and specialty classes from 3:15 to 4:15, and homework/games from 4:15 to 6:00.

Convenient Payment Options

When registering for Corlears Plus, families have several options. Financial Aid will be provided for each payment option, at the same rate as a family’s tuition (please note, financial aid is not available for private music lessons; however if you would like for your child to take music lessons, please reach out to Alex regarding flexible payment options).

  • Our Corlears Plus Package entitles families to one specialty class and two days of choice time, at a discounted rate of $1,750/semester (a 15% discount on the combined per class and day pricing). If needed, families can also sign up for an additional specialty class for $770/semester, and/or additional days of choice time for $640/semester for each day, using the single-day sign up option.
  • Our Single-Day Sign Up allows families to sign up for specialty classes and/or choice time day(s) on an a per-day basis. The cost of a specialty class is $770/semester. The cost of one day of choice time is $640/semester.
    • Note: Students who are registered for specialty classes can enjoy Plus programming on that day following the conclusion of their class, until 6:00, free of any additional charge.
  • For private music lessons, parents can sign up for a semester of 30-minute lessons for $840, or 45-minute lessons for $1,120. Enrolling in a private music lesson also entitles a child to participate in choice time programming on that day, at no additional cost.
    • Note: private music lessons are NOT included in the Plus Package. When registering for private music lessons, please choose Single-Day Sign Up to add any additional choice time days to your child’s week.

Corlears Plus Programming -- Cost Breakdown

The cost of after school participation will be included in a family’s tuition billing statement.

Convenient Scheduling

  • Advanced Registration
    • Registration for Corlears Plus will open on Thursday, December 7th. Using Eventbrite, families will be able to sign their child up for the fall’s Plus programs, and select from the pricing and package options that best fit their schedule.
  • Unplanned Changes - We understand that schedules change. There will always be a spot for your 4-10 year-old child at Corlears Plus.
    • Switching Days
      • If you would like to switch your child’s pre-registered choice time days for a specific week, please email Alex at alexg@corlearsschool.org by 9:00am on Monday of that week. There is no charge for switching pre-registered days. 
    • Additional Drop-Off
      • If you need to send your child to Plus on a day that they are not registered, please email Alex at alexg@corlearsschool.org by 12:00pm on that day. He will be sure to notify your child’s classroom teachers, as well as our Plus teachers who will be able to better plan for the day’s activities. Families who have registered for any Plus programming for that semester (whether a specialty class, a day of choice time, a music lesson, or any combination) will be charged $40 for a drop-off day. Families who have not registered for any Plus programming will be charged $50 for a drop-off day. Financial aid discounts will be applied to the price of a family’s drop-off days.

Please note refunds will not be offered for any days of Plus programming that a child misses.

Still have questions about Corlears Plus? Check out these FAQs:

You will register for Plus programming through Eventbrite, but you will not be asked for credit card information at that time. The cost of your child’s/children’s Plus programming will be enfolded in your tuition statement.

Signing up for choice time beforehand will give our choice time instructors an opportunity to more deliberately plan lessons and craft activities for your children. It will also allow for billing to be more scheduled and consistent for families.

Please sign up each of your children individually for Plus programming. When you have finished registering the first child, return to this page and register your second child (and subsequently for a third child). You will receive a separate confirmation email for each child after registering. Please know that, depending on your email provider, your confirmation emails may appear in a single thread, which you would need to click through to see each individual email.

Parents are expected to make every effort to pick up their child before 6:00pm. After three instances of late pick up, parents will be required to attend a daytime meeting with the Head of School and Director of Auxiliary Programs, during which a plan for avoiding future lateness must be presented. Any subsequent late pick ups may result in the family losing access to Corlears Plus. (This policy is also outlined in our family handbook)


Want to talk more about Plus? Email Alex, Director of Auxiliary Programs and Community Engagement, at alexg@corlearsschool.org.