Educational Program Overview

Corlears’ small size and specific focus on elementary education allow us to create the ideal environment for student learning and leadership.     

Intellectual development through discussion and writing is a key component of our students’ core studies.

  • Learning to reason in science, mathematics, writing, and speaking is our highest priority and is explicitly taught.

  • Respect for all children and their individual emotional and social development, as well as a deep appreciation of our cultural differences, are keys to our school’s character— empathy is at its core.

  • We combine student learning with the amazing resources of New York City’s history, art, culture, and science to empower our students to innovate, think critically and problem solve. We cultivate their awareness and their desire to make a difference in the world.

  • Our students develop a variety of ways to solve problems creatively. We use multi-age teaching in thoughtful and dynamic ways to increase learning and build collaboration and leadership skills.