Educational Program Overview


The world is interesting, and learning is fun. So why not teach children to discover it for themselves?

Corlears kids not only want to know how things work, but also why? Here, students of all ages dive into hands-on projects, explore what excites them, and discover new strengths. Our program utilizes the amazing resources of New York City’s history, art, culture, and science to empower our students to innovate, think critically and problem solve.

We cultivate their awareness and their desire to make a difference in the world.. No one wants to make a difference more than they do.

The Corlears Curriculum Cycle

  1. Teachers ignite kids’ curiosity with big and challenging ideas

  2. Kids dive in and explore, solving new problems, grasping new concepts

  3. New understanding grows as kids apply their new knowledge to real experiences

  4. Kids can’t wait to share their new understanding with the community

  5. Repeat

Why early years education?

Corlears is one of the few schools in New York City that focuses exclusively on the early years of education (age 2-5th grade)— and we always have. In our five decades of experience, we’ve come to understand that these early years are the most crucial formative years for every child. They set a foundation of learning and confidence for everything to come. We specialize in guiding this impressionable age group, because the start of your child’s academic life should be nothing short of exceptional.

Why multi-age classes?

At Corlears, bringing older and younger students together is no accident. Other schools say their education is individualized— we put those words into action. We don’t pigeon-hole our children by grade, but instead focus on age and ability, placing students in specific groups based on developmental learning and readiness. The result is kids who grow and excel naturally on their own intellectual, social and emotional timetable. An added benefit of our multi-age approach is that it establishes a fluid, inclusive community, allowing students of all ages to feel safe in taking risks and pushing their own boundaries.

But there’s nothing more special than a ten-year old helping his two-year-old “buddy” walk up the stairs to the library.

Highlights of Our Early Years Focus