The Arts at Corlears 

Art is an integral part of our entire program at Corlears. Students also experience studio art and music through their subject area classes each week. Their work in these areas is shared with the community through displays, assembly shares and performances at graduation.



The visual arts are integrated into every classroom and all students spend structured time in the art studio as well. The atelier offers an abundance of art supplies and materials gathered and presented in a way that inspires creativity. It provides students with a place to experiment with those materials and to become immersed in an environment brimming with art and objects which stir the imagination. The goal of the studio program is to help students build independence and confidence in the use of a wide range of materials and techniques used for self expression. Student work is displayed prominently throughout the school building with an emphasis on process rather than product.

Beginning in the 2s and journeying up through the 10s, the children explore materials and mediums such as: clay (pottery and sculpture), various paints and painting techniques, charcoals and pastels, recycled materials, printing techniques, photography, woodworking, and mosaic titling.


Students of every age develop musical and social skills through singing, playing games, participating in movement activities and playing instruments. Our intention is for children to develop a lifelong capacity for the enjoyment of music and the ability to expand that interest independently and in collaboration with others as they grow. Children build a repertoire of nursery rhymes, songs, poems, folk, world music, Jazz and Classical, and also compose and improvise music of their own. There are ample opportunities for performance throughout the year.


Orff instruments and Kodaly techniques are used to help children develop a keen understanding of tone, rhythm, melody and harmony as the fundamental building blocks for music making. Music, songs, movement and dance that relate to the core curriculum are also integrated to broaden a child’s appreciation of different cultures or traditions. Beginning at age six, all students have an opportunity to sing in their class chorus, and to participate in Orff and percussion ensembles.

Fourth grade students in the 9s are introduced to the violin, and study the instrument, along with ongoing choral training, through their final year as 10s.

In addition, to the regular school day program, students can learn an instrument in our after school private instrument instruction program.