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A message from Head of School David Egolf and Assistant Head of School Mansi Vasa.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
Learn about Corlears School's history, educational philosophy, mission, core values, and more.

Meet our faculty and staff and explore the directory.



Everything prospective families need to know about Corlears admissions.

Outlining the admissions processes for each of our academic programs, from toddlers through fifth grade.
Visit our campus and go inside the curriculum with school leadership. 

Changing the paradigm from financial aid to equitable tuition level-setting for all families.
Quick Links
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Everything you need to know about Corlears School in one handy booklet. Follow the link to receive a digital copy in your inbox.
Early Childhood Division
The Roots program for ages 16–24 months celebrates the way toddlers learn best: through the art of play and wonderment. 

The Seedlings nursery program fosters the natural wonder and curiosity of 2- and 3-year-olds.

Empowering children to become even greater participants in their learning and school community.
Elementary Division
As Corlears students enter the all-important elementary years, it’s all about making connections and building independence.

Building the foundation kids need to fall in love with learning and gain confidence for everything to come.

Comprehensive, individualized support for all Corlears graduates.
Auxiliary Programs
Classic summer fun with plenty of outdoor play, arts and crafts, and fun with friends. Led by Corlears teachers. Open to all.

All about the before- and after-school care available to families enrolled at Corlears.

Free family activities available on select Saturdays throughout the school year.
Meet the volunteer Board of Trustees and learn more about the committees and structures that govern Corlears School.

Events, holidays, and school closings.
Corlears families are important members of our school community, and we offer a number of ways to get involved.

How to get connected and stay involved with Corlears School's alumni community.
Corlears is a small school, but our community has a big heart — and many ways to get involved.

Every dollar has a lasting impact — not just on  students attending Corlears today, but on all children who come through our doors.

There are a variety of opportunities available for current and alumni community members to get involved by volunteering their time. 

The Corlears 50th Anniversary Campaign

In 2018, Corlears celebrated its 50th anniversary. In honor of this significant milestone, Corlears School embarked on a 5-year, $4 million campaign that goes beyond our physical structure; this campaign is focused on our heart. Over the past five years, Corlears has been building a truly innovative and transformational vision that is growing a new model for what a private school made just for young children can be.

Corlears School building exterior April 2023

Tours, Events,
and Webinars

Discover upcoming events and on-demand webinars designed to help prospective families gain insight into our vibrant community and the developmental approach we bring to our classrooms.
NOTE: Applications for fall 2024 are still accepted and will be processed on a rolling basis. Now that the January 11 ISAAGNY deadline has passed, families are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the admissions season, we offer several ways to explore our vibrant classrooms, hear about our inquiry-based curriculum, and get to know our community. In addition to our upcoming events, below you'll also find a selection of on-demand recordings from previous years.

On-Demand Webinar Recordings

Hear directly from Corlears School admissions and faculty members in recorded sessions designed to help prospective families learn more about our pedagogical approach. 
PreK students in the Spanish room - crop
November 20, 2023Inside the Corlears Curriculum with Educational LeadershipIn this webinar, Corlears School leaders offer a peek behind the scenes into the instructional philosophy across the Early Childhood and Elementary divisions.VIEW THE RECORDING
PreK student raising her hand
September 26, 2023Inside the Corlears Curriculum with Educational LeadershipIn this webinar, Corlears School leaders offer a peek behind the scenes into the instructional philosophy across the Early Childhood and Elementary divisions.VIEW THE RECORDING
Studio art teacher Sara with a Seedlings Yellow student
November 16, 2022Educational Program Information Session

A peek behind the scenes into the instructional philosophy across the Early Childhood and Elementary divisions at Corlears School. Participants will get the chance to see Corlears learning in action; you'll come away with an understanding of how we use a planned environment, experiences, and real-world contexts to engage students at all age levels.

Identity curriculum thumbnail
November 9, 2022Identity Curriculum in Early Childhood

In this session, viewers will learn how identity develops in early childhood and how to raise families that value antiracism. This event examines how the Early Childhood teachers at Corlears are unpacking Ibram X. Kendi’s board book Antiracist Baby, and classrooms and curriculum are curated through an antiracist lens. We also share Corlears School's top five racial equity strategies for embracing antiracism as a family value.

Mindful boundaries and limits thumbnail
January 24, 2023Mindful Limits and Boundaries

In this session, you'll view a scene from a film that explores the importance of setting mindful limits and boundaries in order for a family to thrive and grow. Then, Early Childhood Division Director Colleen Goddard, Ph.D., discusses the impact and influence on the entire familial construct; with kindness, consistency, and constancy, each moment can be attended to with supportive awareness and intention.

Corlears Roots information session thumbnail
June 15, 2022Corlears Roots Information Session

Viewers get an inside look into the developmental approach to our Roots classrooms and curriculum, as well as a look back on the inaugural year of programming. This session is presented by Early Childhood Division Director Colleen Goddard, Ph.D., Toddler Program Head Teacher Ariel Grossman, and Admissions Director Meredith Orloff.

Social justice in the elementary years thumbnail
February 24, 2022Social Justice and Identity Curriculum in the Elementary Years

In this session, Assistant Head of School Mansi Vasa unpacks how Corlears School's identity and social justice curriculum unfolds across the ages from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Viewers will walk away with an understanding of how the social justice themes of identity, diversity, justice, and action are a significant piece of the educational experience at Corlears.


Connect with Admissions

Have questions? Our admissions team would be happy to help. Connect with the team anytime at admissions@corlearsschool.org, or click the button to subscribe for more information.