Join the Young Alumni Association

Stay Connected to Corlears:

There are lots of ways to stay connected to Corlears. As Middle and Upper School Alumni you can: 

Young Alumni at the 2015 fall open house!

Young Alumni at the 2015 fall open house!

  • Participate in our Annual 6th Grade panel in the fall

  • Visit Corlears on your days off from school

  • Volunteer for admissions tours, Spring Fair and any all-school events

  • Organize mini reunions

  • Send us updates – that include pictures, and brief narratives about the amazing things you are doing and participating in at your new school

  • Like Corlears’ Facebook Page

  • Keep up to date with Corlears News via our website

  • Volunteer to plant and maintain our newly completed rooftop garden

Take Advantage of Leadership Opportunities

As Upper School and College Alumni you can:

  • Be a Corlears Social Media organizer; start a group on your favorite social media platform to stay in touch and strengthen networking skills by connecting with other Corlears Alum!

Make extra spending money by:

Keep Us in the Loop!

If anything changes with you, such as home address, email, phone number, change in schools etc. please update us! 
We are always looking for new ways to keep young alumni engaged in the community, if you have any ideas/suggestions, feel free to contact Cassandre at

Because your “Roots Go Down” you will always be part of the Corlears Community! 

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