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Welcome to Corlears School — A neighborhood school for the entire city, offering a solid academic foundation and a vibrant, inclusive community, for curious young minds ages 2 to 10. 

We know that the beginning of the independent school admissions process can be daunting, and we're here to help! Scroll down for tips on what you need to know to begin the process, and schedule a call with one of our expert Admission Associates for more information on how you can set your child on the road to a fun and fulfilling academic experience. 

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5 Tips for Getting Started on Your Application Process

We are glad you are joining us to get ready for the 2018-2019 Admission Season that will shortly launch across NYC! Do the 5 admission tips below and you will be ahead of all the rest.

1. Know your “Why?” for applying to independent schools. The optimist, Simon Sinek, believes that the key to achieving fulfillment starts with understanding why we do what we do. Explaining the reasons why you are applying, will support the opportunity to tell your family story in an authentic and engaging way that will attract schools to you. This is the beginning of a successful partnership in support of your child’s bright future.

2. Pay attention to your gut feeling. You can’t easily put words to a gut reaction, but the feeling is powerful in making the right decision. Psychologist, Gerd Gigerenzer, claims that, "Gut feelings are tools for an uncertain world... They are based on lots of experience, an unconscious form of intelligence”. Pay attention to this. Another good way to tap into your internal experience of a school is to try to visualize yourself as a community member and your child in the classrooms you see as you tour a school. Does it feel right?

3. Come prepared with questions. What is important for you and your family? It could be regarding basic logistics of the day or big picture curriculum ideas. These questions will allow you to see how a school responds. If a school member is questioned outside of their comfort zone or expertise, what is the response. Do they try to answer it or connect you with the right people who can? Engaging in this process will give you an initial impression of how your needs will be met from a school. Most importantly, as you ask questions and hear about a school, take notes! You will be surprised how information blends together as you travel around schools. It is important to hold on to the details of the total school “experience” when you are making your final decision.

4. Notice how students are engaging with educators and peers when you are touring schools. Do they look happy? Google researchers looked at their most productive teams and found that hands down, the most important influencer of success is “psychological safety.” Does the environment feel like a safe space to take risks and learn?  Do the students look understood by their educators and engaged with their peers? As you observe a setting, notice the student work on the walls and read what students are saying. Does it all look the same or can you notice individuality and creativity in each work. You do not want your child pressured to conform or producing work that is overly directed by educators.

5. School is about community. Is that apparent? Ask about access to PTA or special parent interest groups. Reaching out to them is a great way to get to know a school and to ensure that your interests and community values are represented in a school.

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