Preschool at Corlears

The 3/4s


Peer Modeling & Developing a Sense of Community

Preschoolers can’t wait to get to class and join their friends at morning meeting as they engage in their two-year journey of the 3/4s. Beginning in the 3s, children take steps toward becoming active participants in their learning and in building community. Our teachers build on the group-learning skills and the language development the children acquired in the 2s. Utilizing the peer mentoring model with the 4s, the 3s are able to stretch their thinking and their learning alongside their peers. This kind of support models empathy, collaboration, creativity and confidence to take risks in one’s learning. The 3s are exposed to emergent literacy concepts through Morning Meeting, environmental print, sound symbol correspondence, rhyming, singing and stories. Opportunities to reinforce developing number sense continue through classroom routines and are reinforced with teacher guided explorations of manipulatives around basic concepts, and games. Specialists in Music, Art, Library Science and Spanish, enter the classrooms in the mornings to work with the children in small and whole groups. This fosters relationships with the specialist teachers and materials they explore within the comfort of their classrooms.  

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Leadership skills begin to develop in the 4s as they take on the role of young mentor to their 3 year-old peers. This in turn reinforces their learning and skills through the teaching and partnering with others. They begin to practice and cultivate the important skill of articulating their thinking and understanding in their own words. Our teachers guide and support the children as they embark on developing literacy and math skills. Handwriting instruction begins with guided practice, utilizing a multi-sensory approach. The 4s begin to work with phonetic spelling and write about topics in a variety of formats such as dramatization, dictation and eventually writing on their own. Structured math groups support the ongoing development of number sense as the 4s are introduced to sequencing, patterns, basic addition and geometry. Social studies investigations that relate to the social and emotional experiences of this age group focus on the child and his/her family as well as the classroom community. Children are stimulated to ask questions and think deeply. Literacy, math and science are woven throughout these investigations. 4s also begin to explore the use of technology while working once a week in small groups with our technology teacher.

Preschool families and teachers are in close contact at Corlears— a community with shared values, raising our kids together!

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