The Nursery School Program at Corlears

The 2s


Communication, Exploration, and Play

Two-year-olds are brimming with wonder and curiosity. With play-based learning and social interaction, we help them make discoveries about themselves, their classmates, the school community, and the world. Each day’s activities include beginning science, math, art, and language. Movement, music, and Spanish are also introduced, but hands-on investigation through play is at the core of the program. What child doesn’t love painting, sorting, singing, building, and squishing dough?

NYC Nursery School in Chelsea

Our early childhood teachers help each child develop a strong social language through modeling how to have conversations, express feelings, share ideas and ask questions.

The daily routine, which begins with arrival in the classroom, morning choice time, and many more creative activities, provides a model for what the children will experience as they continue their education at Corlears.

Families are an important part of the Corlears nursery team, supporting kids, teachers, and each other. Because parents of little ones need support, too!

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