How Do We Raise Our Children To Be Empowered, Not Entitled?

Did you grow up in the same socioeconomic environment as your child? How do you talk about money and finances with them if you didn’t? And how can we as parents instill a sense of gratitude in children who aren’t old enough to know the true value of money?

These questions and more were explored in our second Community Forum of the year--Raising Children to Be Empowered, Not Entitled--which took place on Wednesday morning. Corlears Community Forums give parents a nonjudgmental space to explore a variety of complex subjects that are often in the back of our minds while raising children; topics that can be difficult and emotional, but topics that often foster deeper conversations and awareness.

The community forums have been integral in my growth not only as a parent, but also as a person. They’ve helped me to find more ease in talking about challenging subjects that were taboo when I was growing up. I’ve learned that self-reflection is an essential precursor to being able to have authentic conversations with my daughters.

The forums have been a safe space to explore questions of social justice and learn from other parents’ experiences and perspectives in our warm, accepting community. From other participants, speakers, and resources, I’ve acquired language and confidence to discuss these complex issues with my girls.”
— Katya Plyshevsky, Corlears Parent & Community Forum Planning Committee Member

Alex Gelman, Director of Auxiliary Programs and Community Engagement and Silvia Pacio, Developmental Support Counselor, co-led the Community Forum and asked parents to discuss their own strategies for teaching their children about socioeconomic differences.

In a world where “want, want, want” is often encouraged, the Community Forum allowed parents of diverse backgrounds to share the systems they had put in place for teaching their children about financial responsibility via allowances, piggy banks, and independent money-making endeavors. Parents also touched on how they empower their children to feel less entitled and more empowered through giving back, not only in the holiday season but all year round.

Guided by the recent article by Dr. Laura Markham, parents were then able to openly discuss the Clinical Psychologist’s tips on raising children who are less entitled and more deserving and empowered.

Following the Community Forum, our parents were gracious enough to share their own resources with us, listing organizations for families and kids to give back to their communities, as well as some great game plans for teaching children about money, financial responsibility and gratitude. To touch on the subject of financial responsibility with your child, download the PDF below for these shared resources.

Corlears will be holding more Community Forums in the winter and spring--all current Corlears families are invited to join us. We hope to see you there!

Community Forum Resources PDF