How to Talk About Race with Young Children Workshop at Corlears

Talking about race with young children can be complex. As parents, it’s not always easy to feel prepared to answer kids’ questions sparked by headlines, injustices in the world, and even everyday observances about skin color.

On Tuesday, April 30, the Corlears community gathered to discuss this topic with experts from the Center for Racial Justice in Education in an interactive workshop titled, “Talking About Race with Young Children.”

In a space that encouraged listening and learning, parents were invited to share their own emotions, perspectives, experiences, challenges, and questions about race. Every attendee came away with materials to help them share dialogue with their children about race that was honest and empowering.

Social justice, equity, and inclusion are core values at Corlears, and as part of our commitment to anti-bias education, continues to become even more integrated in our classrooms.

Resources for parents on talking about race with children:

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