Celebrating 50 Years of Corlears Through Art

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This week, we’ve transformed the lobby of Corlears School into a one-of-a-kind art gallery! Paintings and collages created by our students at every grade level are on display through the week until they’re auctioned off live during the 50th Anniversary Gala this Friday, March 8.

Entire classes collaborated throughout the school year to create these unique masterpieces with guidance from Corlears art teacher, Becky West, and each was created with a different story in mind. One painting titled, “Our Beautiful Ocean” by Chelsea and Kerry’s 6/7s was painted using recycled materials and envisions a healthy ocean environment. Another piece called, “Layers of Dreams” by Dora and Josh’s 8/9s, combines materials like paper, lace, fabric, string, plus photos of handmade clay pieces to tell the story of immigration to New York’s Lower East Side.

The largest of the pieces is a commemorative collage dubbed, “The Story of Corlears,” created by our graduating 10s  – Corlears’ 50th graduating class – and celebrates the school’s community through the decades. They thoughtfully combined photos from the early years of our school with snapshots they captured themselves, and added photos of current students’ hands around the border.

Every dollar raised from artwork sales and the gala goes to making sure our community can thrive in the most inclusive and expansive ways.

Below are photos of all the artwork in progress throughout the school year, and the final products!