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Celebrating 50 Years of Corlears Through Art

This week, we’ve transformed the lobby of Corlears School into a one-of-a-kind art gallery! Paintings and collages created by our students at every grade level are on display through the week until they’re auctioned off live during the 50th Anniversary Gala this Friday, March 8.

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The Community Forum: Growing from Its Roots

Children at Corlears School are encouraged to investigate and question the world around them. Through their learning, difficult topics like gender stereotypes and racial identity are explored with the aid of books, projects and classroom discussions. While Corlears’ mission is the education of children, parents at Corlears are also taking part in their own learning experience. 

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"Know Thyself": Self Reflection in the Classroom

At Corlears, each student is valued for the unique person they are. For students, getting to know who that person actually is can be a long journey of discovery and learning. Throughout their years at Corlears, each child is given a multitude of opportunities to reflect on who they are both as individuals and as learners. As they discover more about themselves, and each other, they become more thoughtful and empathic with each passing grade.

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