Financial Aid

An important component of the mission of Corlears School is to provide an excellent progressive education for school-age children in a socioeconomically diverse environment. In order to create a community of learners from the broadest range of backgrounds, the school has created a financial aid program that ensures that children, regardless of their families’ financial resources to sufficiently pay tuition, will have the opportunity to attend Corlears.

The primary responsibility for financing an independent school education is the family’s. Financial aid is designed to fill the gap between what the family is able to pay for tuition and the cost of the tuition.

Financial aid is given to families on the basis of need and available funds. Financial aid is given to families on the basis of need and available funds. Approximately 27 percent of our students will receive financial aid in 2019-20.

The following policies govern financial aid awards to all families who apply for assistance:

  • Financial aid is awarded without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

  • A family’s ability to pay the school’s tuition and fees is not taken into consideration when the school makes an admissions decision.

  • If a student is offered a place at the school, but is not offered assistance, he/she will be placed on a financial aid waiting list and will remain on the waiting list until funds become available.

  • No financial aid awards are made for 100 percent of tuition or for less than 15 percent of tuition. Financial aid is awarded for school tuition as well as Corlears afterschool programs, fees for school-related overnight trips, and the school’s summer camp.

  • A family with more than one child needs to submit one application to TADS only (See below.).

  • Financial aid awards are made annually and are based on need and availability of school funds.

  • Families must re-apply for financial aid every year.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

  • Applications for Financial Aid will be available in September.

  • Financial Aid Applications will be processed through TADS.

Click here to apply at

Questions? Please contact Thea Hubert, Dean of Students and Director of Enrollment Management, at or 212.741.2800.