Corlears students love their teachers!


What are parents saying about Corlears?

Corlears is proud of its strong community. Our parents are the core of what keeps our community connected, informed and inspired. Read what some of our parents have to say about our school and their child's experience:

As the culmination of her eight years at Corlears, my daughter’s 5th grade year was a huge leap forward in her own sense of responsibility. She arrived at middle school wondering where her next leadership opportunity would come from
— Alum parent and Board member
Over the last couple of years at Corlears, my now five year old has grown into a confident boy who is eager collaborate with his classmates, loves to learn, and is now reading to me at bedtime.
— Parent of Kindergarten student
As proud members of the Corlears community for the past seven years, we have been impressed, time and time again, by how well the school has supported the academic and social development of our son. We credit the school and its unique philosophy with helping him to read at a very early age and for continually finding inventive ways to challenge him and the other students in his class. Now that our son is in the 8/9s class, we continue to be awed by his classroom experience – we have been fortunate to see, first-hand, how the school’s multidisciplinary approach has cultivated his love of learning. Whether it is his excitement over creating a fictional character for the class immigration study or his enthusiasm about designing and programming his own video game – there has been no greater thrill than seeing our child embrace learning, which we believe reflects greatly on both Corlears and its wonderful, dedicated teachers.
— Parent of 8/9s student
To my son, Corlears is a sacred space marrying play and learning where he feels 1,000 percent comfortable, confident and encouraged. To me, Corlears is where I entrust my son to the most devoted staff in the world and wait after school eager watch new skills of my son’s unfold… I could not imagine a more magical and special place to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, development and achievement.
— Parent of 3/4s student

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Today's Learners. Tomorrow's Leaders.

Located in downtown Manhattan, Corlears School is surrounded by the some of the greatest innovators and artists in New York City - and the world. Steps away from the offices of Google, The Whitney Museum of Art and the High Line, students and parents constantly feel connected to the energy of the city. At Corlears, we integrate these resources into our curriculum and infuse classroom education with real world application and exploration. Taking learning beyond the classroom is the heart and soul of the school. 


Why are our students so happy?

At Corlears we know that fostering a love of learning can help children throughout their academic careers and beyond. When our students walk through the door we want them to feel excited about what they will experience throughout their day. Our teachers are committed to shaping their curriculum based on the interests of their students. Our students are engaged and invested in what they are learning in the classroom, they feel motivated and empowered. Corlears students take ownership of their learning experience; ultimately becoming thoughtful, curious, confident leaders. 

Corlears is firmly established among the Independent Schools of New York City while still maintaining the pioneering spirit of parents and educators working together to provide a rich educational foundation for its students.

We believe that this type of education should be available to everyone.  Corlears is committed to diversity in all its forms - socioeconomics, gender, race, religion and sexual identity. If you will be applying for Financial Aid click here to read more about how Corlears can support you and your family. 

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