Why Support

From the time Corlears School opened its doors in 1968, school families have worked together to support the school and its mission – to cultivate the joy in learning in a diverse, intimate environment with an involved community.


The practice of giving is one of the privileges of being a member of any independent school community. Tuition does not cover all of the expenses associated with a quality independent education that includes a robust financial aid program, ongoing professional development for staff, a state-of-the art facility, and the provision of competitive salaries and benefits for all personnel.  Donations to the school increase its well-being, as well as that of our neighborhood and our city — and indeed our society.  They also help us model lifelong habits of generosity for our children.

One of the joys of being a Corlears parent is finding the right level and manner of giving that best matches your resources and needs of the school. Over the years the children at Corlears have benefited enormously from the dedication, energy, and generosity of families working in partnership with the school to meet our financial needs.

Our Director of Development and Communication, Erin Levi Blondes, is responsible for working with the Head of School, Board of Trustees, and the Parents Association to coordinate and execute all fundraising activities of the school, including:

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of all immediate need, unrestricted fundraising at Corlears. The Annual Fund allows us to support school-wide activities. Gifts to the Annual Fund supplement the operating budget and are used to support staff salaries, tuition aid, classroom materials, trips, teacher enrichment and professional development, maintenance of the physical building and much, much more.

Legacy Fund (Major Gifts)

The Legacy Fund is our vehicle for long term, sustainable giving to Corlears. The Legacy Fund is a targeted, yet unrestricted, pool of funding. It is a way for parents, grandparents and friends of Corlears to make larger, multi-year gifts that will provide a well planed path to success for our school’s future. 

The vision for the Legacy Fund is to support critical growth areas such as Our People, Our Vision, Our Philosophy and Our Students. With these major gifts we will be able to scale our model and provide additional support for our students, staff and parents.

 The Auction 

Our major fundraising event of the school year provides key financial support for all aspects of the school. Parents are asked to donate auction items of goods and/or services, solicit gifts from friends and associates, and to bid generously during the event. The Director of Development works closely with volunteer Auction Co-Chairs to coordinate this event. It is considered a fundraising as well as friend-raising event with discounted tickets available for families on financial aid as well as underwritten tickets for staff members.

Corlears’ families, grandparents, staff, alumni, alumni parents, foundations, and friends provide financial support to Corlears every year because they have a deep commitment to a school that fosters innovative thinking and a sense of social responsibility in young children.

We are grateful to our generous community for their many contributions. As a result, our students receive a rich education in a creative, stimulating environment, where their many talents and skills are respected and their creativity and inquiring minds are nurtured every day.

For more information about how you can make a difference by supporting Corlears, please contact:

Erin Levi Blondes