The curriculum serves as a strong framework to structure students’ learning. The curriculum is consistently reviewed and revised to address the changing needs, and interests, of the children.


As areas of study develop, students have a voice and are given opportunities to pose questions and express their ideas. Corlears strives to create an environment where children are passionate about what they are learning.

Thematic studies with strong links between social studies and science serve as the core curriculum at Corlears. In addition to their classroom teachers, students work with specialists in Spanish, art, music, library, technology and physical education and movement. Teachers and specialists collaborate to design curricula and set goals and objectives based on developmental stages of children as well as the particular needs of the children in their classes and provide an integrated curriculum.

Literacy, quantitative reasoning, scientific inquiry, problem solving and artistic expression are incorporated into every child’s course of study at Corlears. The curriculum addresses the social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs of young children.