Outplacement Program

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The Corlears School Outplacement Program for sixth grade placement begins in the spring of a student’s 8/9s (4th grade) year. We offer a comprehensive one-on-one guidance program to parents and students. The following services are offered through our outplacement program:

·         Comprehensive private and public school guidance – Our placement director meets with 8/9s (4th grade) parents as early as the spring before they start their 5th grade (10s) year. These meetings include group and individual meetings to familiarize parents with the outplacement process. The placement director works with parents to create a preliminary list of schools to research 

·         Application review and management – the placement director is readily available to help parents navigate the application process. In addition, all supplemental paperwork is processed and sent out to schools by the placement director

·         Comprehensive ISEE Test Preparation – Our students are critical thinkers and we honor the progressive approach in the test preparation process. Students begin ISEE test preparation during the spring of their 8/9s (4th grade) year.  Early in the process, our program identifies specific areas of concern for teachers to help students tackle. We equip our students with knowledge-based test taking strategies that continues over the summer and well into the fall of their 10s (5th grade) year. Students build confidence in their ability to conquer the ISEE not through rote knowledge but through a deep understanding of the material

·         Official ISEE Testing at Corlears School – Corlears School is a closed test site for the ISEE. Our 10s students are able to take the exam with their peers in a familiar place with familiar faces alleviating some of the anxiety associated with test taking day. This is only offered to our 10s through the outplacement process

·         Interview Preparation – interviewing is an important part of the admissions process. In conjunction with the 10s teacher, the placement director works with the 10s students to prepare them for their school interviews. They participate in mock interviews with their peers as well as with the placement director to test their skills and build confidence

·         Advocacy for students at choice schools – the placement director works with teachers, parents and students to understand each student’s needs holistically. Once families have visited all the schools to which their children are applying, they rank the schools accordingly which allows the placement director to advocate on their behalf with admissions directors


The overall purpose of our outplacement program is to demystify the middle school outplacement process by providing parents and students with the tools necessary for a successful outcome. It is a collaborative effort within the school, encompassing parents, students, faculty and staff. Graduating students and parents receive a great deal of guidance and support throughout the entire process and we are proud of the caliber of schools our students attend but more importantly by how great a match their ongoing schools are for them and their families.


For more information, please contact Cassandre Henriquez, Director of Outplacement and Alumni Relations.