Our Community Spirit

Comprised of parents, students and educators, the Corlears community spirit permeates everything we do. Members of our community are passionate about our mission and support the experience of our students through constant communication, interaction and participation. 

Our Faculty

Dynamic, passionate and caring, teachers at Corlears embody the culture of the school. Corlears faculty members foster unique learning in every student.

By working with the whole child and challenging them academically, socially, and emotionally, teachers partner with each other and families to help each child be their best. Collaboration across disciplines is also common as teachers design a specific curricula based upon the developmental stages of children as well as their particular needs.

Every teacher is an expert in their field as well as the complex aspects of childhood development. They create classrooms where students are able to take risks and embark upon challenges that help them learn deeply. In addition, partnerships with families are forged through regular communication and sharing of the learning process.

Because we believe that learning is a life-long process, Corlears teachers are constantly engaged in professional development. They attend conferences, participate in workshops, and share pedagogy with each other so that the shape of our understanding is always changing and growing to meet the needs of our community.

For a complete list of current faculty and staff, visit our Staff Directory. 

Our Parents

Corlears' parents are important members of the Corlears School community. The Parents Association (PA) plays a vital role in strengthening the partnership and communication between staff and parents. It is the vehicle through which parents can participate in a range of school initiatives, have their voices heard and stay in tune with all that is happening at Corlears.

The PA coordinates the community events that occur throughout the year, provides the resources to answer questions that families may have and works to perpetuate the strong sense of community that brings vibrancy to our school.

Corlears encourages parents to become involved in the life of their children's school.


Head of School

Head of School, David Egolf, began at Corlears in July, 2014. His work in New York independent schools has spanned nearly 2 decades, and began as an art teacher in the elementary ages. Over time, David served as Arts Director, Lower School Director and Assistant Head of School at his previous school.

He is passionate about early childhood and elementary education, especially in developing children’s collaborative problem solving skills. When you meet him, his excitement about schools and love of children come through immediately.

At Corlears, David has focused his passion for improving the way we teach young children to develop the school’s sophisticated elementary math program—  an approach that reaches all students, and teaches them to think like mathematicians. David is also committed to giving students the gift of excellent second language instruction designed specifically for young children.

His love of the arts comes through the moment you enter his office and see the beautiful student work that adorns the walls. The arts are strong at Corlears, and will continue to grow, especially with the Lincoln Center partnership that is planned for this year that will connect Corlears students with teaching artists and the resources of Lincoln Center. David’s interest in museums as tools for education and the recent of opening of the Whitney Museum of American Art just blocks from the school, will surely be the source of growth for the coming years.

When not at Corlears, David enjoys spending time with his two daughters and wife in their home in Brooklyn. He loves to cook, and you can often find him with one of his daughters at his side chopping some vegetables from their garden for dinner.

David also enjoys writing about education. You can read his blog here, and an article he wrote for the most recent Parents League, Parent Review, here.