The Nursery School Program at Corlears

2s - Communication, Exploration, and Play

Social emotional development and language are at the heart of the 2s program. Our 2s learn as they play and explore with paint, dough, puzzles, manipulatives, and building blocks. Our early childhood teachers help each child develop a strong social language through modeling how to have conversations, express feelings, share ideas and ask questions. Singing, stories, dramatic play, and tactile explorations are at the core of the 2s experience. Children are curious about everything in the natural environment. Their questions are encouraged and our teachers support these two-year-olds as they take the journey to discover the world around them. The daily routine, which begins with arrival in the classroom, morning choice time, and many more creative activities, provides a model for what the children will experience as they continue their education at Corlears.

Hear from our teachers!

Click below to watch the 2s Webinar, recorded on November 27th, 2017.