Welcome to Corlears School

Corlears is a neighborhood school for the entire city, offering a solid academic foundation and a vibrant, inclusive community, for curious young minds ages 2 to 10.

Founded in 1968, Corlears is dedicated to the education of children from nursery school through 5th grade, right in the heart of downtown New York City. Our project based approach and caring community provides children with the foundation they need to flexibly solve complex problems, and grow into high achieving, thoughtful and compassionate emerging leaders.

Our students graduate with the confidence to lead and drive to learn. They are prepared to take on the challenges of middle school with poise and zeal; remaining inquisitive problem solvers throughout their academic careers and their lives. Learn more about our core values by watching this short video below. 

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Learn more about our Admission process and how you can come see Corlears School for yourself by visiting the admission section of our website. 

For inquiries for the 2018-19 school year, contact Meredith Orloff, our Amission Associate.