Welcome to Corlears Plus, Corlears’ brand new after school program

At Corlears, our biggest priority is ensuring that the values that uphold our community serve to guide us throughout each school day -- and beyond. In announcing Corlears Plus, we aim to give all of our students an opportunity to choose afternoon programming that is age-appropriate, engaging, and, of course, fun! Corlears Plus will serve as a true extension of the Corlears community, after school.

New and Expanded Activities

Corlears Plus provides families and students with three activity options throughout the week: specialty classes, choice time, and private music lessons. 

  • Specialty classes encompass once-a-week courses that families specifically register for beforehand, and take place throughout a semester. We’re excited to say that more Corlears teachers will be leading specialty classes this semester!

    • Cooking with Benna, on Mondays for grades K-1
    • Scratch Jr. Computer Programming with Zach, on Tuesdays for grades K-2
    • Book Club with Kelly, on Tuesdays for grades 3-5
    • Scratch Computer Programming with Zach, on Wednesdays for grades 3-5
    • Chess, on Wednesdays for grades K-2 and 3-5
    • SocRoc: Soccer Classes for Kids, on Thursdays for grades K-2
    • Ceramics with Becky, on Friday for grades 2-5
    • Mini-Musical, on Friday for grades PreK4-K
  • Choice time is the most significant (and exciting!) change to our after school program. With choice time, students who are registered for a standard day of Plus programming will have the option of choosing from several different activities: students in grades 3-5 can elect to work on STEM-related projects and challenges in our afterschool Community Room, or join the Corlears Sports Club in the gym for an intramural game led by our after school sports instructor. Younger students in grades PreK4 -2 will have dedicated access to the yard, allowing them the space for age-appropriate free play with their peers.

  • Private music lessons will be offered for piano, violin, and drums. Families can sign up for 30-minute lessons for beginners, or 45-minute lessons for more experienced musicians. Lessons are offered on days throughout the week, and will be scheduled in conjunction with the instructor after families sign up.

More details on the registration process will become available in the coming days. Financial Aid will be provided for each payment option, at the same rate as a family’s tuition (please note, financial aid is not available for private music lessons).