Program Overview:

Program Description

Classroom doors open at 9:00am. Activities are set up throughout the room in order to engage children in the beginning of the camp day. Parents and caregivers are welcome to stay in the room until morning meeting begins at approximately 9:15am.

Class Time

Because children in Corlears Summer Camp come from many different schools, morning meeting is an important time for campers to get to know each other and to establish a safe sense of community in the classroom. The meeting may include a song or game, time to discuss what will be happening during the day, and time for campers to share their thoughts and ideas.

Activities on the schedule such as Arts and Crafts or Outdoor Play take place with the classroom teachers. We use our beautiful back yard play area for outdoor activities. Groups may occasionally use the sprinklers, so we ask that campers keep a change of clothes and a swimming suit at camp.

Lunch for campers should be brought from home. Corlears is a nut free environment, therefore we ask that no nuts or nut products be brought into the school. For more information please see our nut aware guidelines. Campers will also have a snack. Examples of snack include: pretzels, cheese, or fruit.

Rest and Story Time or Quiet Play is simply an opportunity for children to quiet their senses without the demands of a structured activity. Some children may rest, while others may look at books, draw, or play quietly.

The camp day is closed by Afternoon Meeting, during which campers have a chance to reflect on the day and talk about what to expect for the next camp day.

Camp-Wide Friday Activities

On Friday mornings after morning meeting, all Corlears campers gather together for age-appropriate activities, such as a dance party, singing, or making art presentations. This is a great opportunity for the children to interact with children from different classes.

The second Friday of each session will be theme day. Potential themes could include, “Color Day”, “Corlears Spirit Day”, “Time Machine Day”, or “Science Day”. Camp-wide activities are based on the theme. Each group will choose how to participate in the theme day.

Below is a sample schedule:


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