Our Students

The curriculum serves as a strong framework to structure students’ learning. It is, however, reviewed and revised to address students’ interests and changing needs. As areas of study develop, students have a voice and are given opportunities to pose questions and express their ideas. Corlears strives to create an environment where children are passionate about what they are learning. Teachers value student inquiry and model what it means to listen actively and to value the perspective of others.

Corlears values individual voices and this is exemplified by the school’s weekly assembly. Every Friday morning, students from all age groups (except 2/3s) gather in the gym to sing together and share classroom events. Stories are told, poems are read, and drawings and charts are displayed. The children are enormously proud and excited about their work. They also learn to appreciate, without judging, all forms of exploration and learning.

Faculty, staff, and parents work to create an environment at Corlears that welcomes a variety of learning styles and a place of warmth and acceptance. Children learn what it means to welcome one another with respect for individual strengths and challenges, to be empathetic and to persist in solving difficult problems. Care and attention are given to all – even the animals that live in the classrooms.

As a progressive school, Corlears is grounded in the values of equality and social justice. Everyone in the community is addressed by their first name. Students learn about what it means to support those who are underrepresented in our society and many of their community service projects are done under the auspices of a parent-led group, Corlears Cares.

Corlears students are happy. When they wake up in the morning, they are eager to get to school and begin another day at a school where their voices are heard, their questions are encouraged, and their creativity is nurtured.


“One of Corlears priorities is to offer exciting, creative learning opportunities for every age level while maintaining its mission as a diverse and intimate school.”