When you enter Corlears school from its front door on 15th Street in Chelsea, you are immediately struck by the energy and feeling of connectedness within the community. Students and teachers know each other in deep and authentic ways. Families support and partner with the school to elevate every child’s experience.

In classrooms, students work both individually and collaboratively to engage in strategic problem-solving. These vital skills cross disciplinary boundaries and teach students to solve problems creatively while building relationships to real world issues. In addition, faculty challenge students to enhance their understanding by taking on complex problems that are connected to student interest.

The unique collaborative culture of our school is reflected in all spheres. Learning exists not only in classrooms but in our parent community. There is a constant buzz created by the dedication of the parents who partner with faculty and administration to make the school the vibrant place that it is. Small moments that happen daily in the lobby and hallways are also celebrated through regular rituals such as the annual auction, the spring fair, and book fair.

Finally, we are exceptionally aware of our broader global community. Compassion and respect run through the entire school. Children and adults at Corlears learn from the multiple perspectives of those around them and ultimately make a difference for the better.