SAVE THE DATE for two upcoming Alumni events

Alumni & Alumni Family Participation in Corlears Spring Fair  

Saturday, May 19th from 11:00am - 2:00pm

Beers in the Backyard

Alumni 21+

Tuesday, June 19th from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Rain date: Wednesday, June 20th

In the spring of 2017 we formed a new leadership group of Alumni and Alumni Parents with the singular goal of:

Advising and assisting Corlears in creating two inter-generational community service events annually that embody the Corlears mission and provide opportunities for learning for all members of the Corlears community from current families to alumni, alumni parents and grandparents, spanning ages 5-95!

Corlears Alumni and Alumni Parent Council Members (as of June, 2017)

  • Sabrina Coughlin  (Alumni Parent)   

    • Children: Emory Smith (Grad 2016), Tenley Smith (Grad 2013), Sawyer Smith (Grad 2009)

  • Lorin Schneider (Alumni Parent)
    • Children:  (Rebecca Ennis (Grad 2006), Amanda Ennis (Grad 2009)
  • Karen Segal  (Alumni Parent)  
    • Children: Rebecca Green, (Grad 2004)  Alexander Green, (Grad 2001)
  • Joeline Allsop (Alumni Grad 2005)
  • Brendan Harney  (Alumni Grad 2003)
  • Sam Haskel (Alumni Grad 2004)

Stay Connected to Corlears

There are lots of ways to stay connected to Corlears. As Alumni you can: 

  • Send us your news and update your contact information (email/snail mail). click here
  • To Volunteer to help organize a Class Reunion
  • Visit Corlears
  • Follow us on Facebook and instagram
  • Volunteer for admissions tours, Spring Fair and any all-school events
  • Volunteer to plant and maintain our newly completed rooftop garden

Support Corlears Annual Fund

Your support of Corlears Annual Fund is a meaningful way to pay it forward to Corlears families today.
As a not for profit organization, we rely on gifts, above and beyond tuition, to enable and sustain our growth.

From the time Corlears School opened its doors in 1968, school families have worked together to financially support the school and its mission and that tradition continues today with our Annual Fund.

Tuition does not cover all of the expenses associated with a quality independent education that includes a robust financial aid program, ongoing professional development for staff, a state-of-the art facility, and the provision of competitive salaries and benefits for all personnel. 

Keep Us in the Loop!

If anything changes with you, such as home address, email, phone number, etc. please update us! You can update your information by clicking here. 

Because your “Roots Go Down” you will always be part of the Corlears Community!