Corlears believes in partnering as a community to raise leaders in the 21st century through an education that develops creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.  We place deep value in supporting students’ understanding that they can make a difference in the world.  Kindness, respect, and integrity are integrated in every interaction at Corlears.  

Students at Corlears learn concepts by engaging in problem solving activities that teachers develop in response to student interests and needs in our curricular areas.  Throughout the school year, students engage in explorations that provide insight for answering their questions and for developing imagination, new interests, skills and conceptual understandings.

Thematic studies with strong links between social studies and science serve as the core curriculum at Corlears. Teachers collaborate to design curricula and set goals and objectives based on the developmental stages of children as well as the particular needs of the children in their classes. Literacy, quantitative reasoning, scientific inquiry, problem solving, and artistic expression are incorporated into every child’s course of study at Corlears.

Childrens’ lives are enriched by viewing the world from multiple perspectives and we seek to create an economically and culturally diverse community that reflects the vibrant life of New York City.  We recognize that students are interested in exploring differences as well as commonality among their peers and in the larger world.  We strive to create an atmosphere of respect and appreciation by encouraging students to tell their stories and actively listen to one another.

Students graduate from Corlears as compassionate innovators ready to be tomorrow’s leaders.