Welcome to Corlears, a unique, multifaceted gem of a school for children ages 2½ - 10 years of age. It has been my privilege to be the Head of Corlears since 2003 and over the years I have found the daily experience of watching joy spread across a child’s face as he discovers something heretofore unknown or witnessing the deep satisfaction that comes with mastering a difficult task, to be invaluable professional rewards.

Each day my work is dedicated to creating a learning environment where educators, families and staff can find similar rewards from working together to make those small but impactful moments possible. Over the past few years we have worked to expand our facilities in order to provide program space for the addition of the 5th grade, a separate foreign language classroom, a technology lab and enhanced classrooms for studio art and music.

We have also created spaces for our resource team of learning and reading specialists as well as our school counselor to do their valuable work. A green roof, full size gym and kitchen for lunch service are on the horizon. In this economy one does not take on such a project lightly and the goal has to go far beyond having the latest architectural landmark on the block. From the inception of this project my goal has been the creation of a facility that is itself an educational tool that supports daily educational practice to meet the following goals for our graduates.

  • Students will  understand and value themselves as learners. They will have strategies to build on their strengths and meet their challenges, which will support their successful transition to their next school and beyond.
  • Students will be aware of and comfortable in navigating the social systems of their communities enabling them to be active, engaged citizens throughout their lives.
  • Students will understand that humans are one part of an intricate planetary life cycle and will honor the reciprocal relationship they have with the environment.

As you tour through our website you will find a wealth of information designed to convey how we make those lofty goals come to life each day. In addition to our History, Mission, Philosophy, Culture and Educational Programs, please take a look at our Parent Association pages where the nature of our valuable partnership comes to life. I hope that our site will prompt you to come to the school for an Open House or a tour. The site is meant to be an introduction and one more way for us to say, Welcome, come join us!

Thya Merz
Head of School